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What is our new Liquid Scent Capsule?

We've listened to your feedback, read your reviews, and this has driven us to innovate.

We've taken our solid scent chip and transformed it into something even better.

Introducing our new Liquid Scent Capsule.

With a significantly larger scent reservoir than our current version, it packs more fragrance in the same neat little pack. As a result, it delivers a stronger fragrance, effectively masking unpleasant odours.

Plus, it’s equipped with a unique porous membrane, ensuring a controlled, time-released aroma that lasts longer than ever before.

This membrane controls the rate at which the fragrance is released into the air. So instead of releasing all fragrance at once, it's now released slowly over time. Making the scent last longer and also ensuring a more consistent level of fragrance in your car.

Elevate your driving experience.

Embrace the evolution of stronger, longer-lasting freshness with Fresca.

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