Fresca Creator Program

By invitation only

Get one Fresca H13 Car Air Purifier (UP: $169) + Scent Chip (UP: $5.90) in exchange for product video and images.

We Need your help...

We want you to review or teach our followers how to use our product!

Here's how it works.

We will send you one Fresca H13 Car Air Purifier (UP: $169) and one Scent Chip (UP: $5.90) of your choice for FREE.

Then with that air purifier, let your creativity shine, create a 30 - 90 seconds video review and take some images of yourself with the product.

Here is an example.


Please note, the examples are professionally edited. Try your best to create a video with multiple scenes, angles and footage. We will do the rest.


About Fresca

Transform your car into a haven of freshness with Fresca “Multi-Action” car air purifier. Equipped with a HEPA filter, UV-C light and Ioniser, Fresca expertly removes allergens, dust, exhaust fumes, and smoke, targeting pollutants as small as 0.3 micrometers. Plus, with our built-in air freshener, enjoy a selection of inviting scents that make every drive a refreshing experience.

About Fresca

Our Car Air Purifiers

  • Provides simultaneous air purification with HEPA filter, UV-C and Ioniser.
  • HEPA filter is commonly used in hospitals, UV-C light in water purification plants and Ionisers weighs airborne particles (e.g dust, allergens) down.
  • Has a built-in air freshener slot. Choose from a wide range of scents from standard Classic Cologne to exotic Misty Forest.
  • With smart hands-free operation. Device auto on with car engine. And real-time PM2.5 air sensor display and changes purification levels automatically.
  • Removes allergens, dust, exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke and other pollutants as small as 0.3 micrometres inside your car with this!

Here’s What To Do Next

Fill out the form below, and tell us where to ship your free Fresca Car Air Purifier + Scent Chip. In the next 14 days, record the video and take some photos. Once done, sent us your creations.


Record a 30 - 90 seconds video to describe and show people how to use your Fresca car air purifier.

Here are some suggested scenes. But feel free to create your own!

  • Show the unboxing process.
  • Describe the main benefit of the product.
  • Show the car air purifier in use.
  • Deliver a short review of the product.


Take at least one image with Fresca. Make sure your face and the product are visible together in the image.

Here are some suggested images. But feel free to create your own! Let your creativity shine. We love surprises!

  • Take a selfie together with the product.
  • Show the product in use.
  • Take a lifestyle shot with product.


Send the video and image(s) to us via Dropbox, Google Drive or WeTransfer (

NOTE -  We will need a version of this video with narration but without music. So submit 2 videos to us if you intend to add music to your video.

OPTIONAL - Post it on your TikTok, Instagram or Facebook. Do remember to tag us @fresca.on.the.go and/or #frescaonthego.


Let us know via IG DM or WhatsApp when you are done. Easy, peasy!

Also, keep in mind: We may apply edits / repurpose your video to be used across our website, social media pages and any marketing activities. So please don’t submit anything you are not comfortable showing!

Complete the form below to get started.

*This program is by invitation only. At the moment, we can only process submissions by invite-only creators.

**Saw a scent in our store but not available in the form? We have limited stock allocated to our creator program every month. So please get it while it still lasts!